Smartillusion Inc. is an international graphic and animation production studio having its offices in USA , UK, India and Bangladesh. We are capable of pilot your graphic and animation related project from start to finish, leading you through every step of process from initial design and planning stage through implementation.

From our state of art facility with a very talented team of CG artists and roaster of Directors/Producers combining with strong management support, we offer full range of 3D and V/FX services. We work with production companies, game developers, independent filmmakers, broadcasters, producers as well as the world’s leading agencies. on commercial and cross-platform campaigns. Clients come to us for our ability to solve creative challenges and value our creative input at any stage of their production. We have perfected a service that ensures efficiency, flexibility and quality within a competitive budget.

About our studio

With a creative team based in USA & cutting-edge production technology, we are live 24-hours, combining customized workflows and automation platforms to offer low cost, high quality productions that reduce traditional time-to-market windows. Our customized digital infrastructure and SMART project management approach ensures seamless integration with client-side workflows, irrespective of location, time zones and clients' operating hours.

Smart Illusion’s studio are based in India and Bangladesh. Each studio with an office space of over 4,000 sq. ft. in a modern building with all necessary facilities found in the western world. Our facilities include high-end work-stations & servers from Boxx, Apple, IBM & DELL. In addition we also have 45+ dedicated XEON processor render farm from BOXX and Dell. and The software is comprised of licensed suites for Maya, 3D Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe CS & Dead Line Render Management Software. The hardware and software are complemented with High Speed LAN & redundant power supply. We have secured high speed Internet connection with a server in USA & Dhaka, which means we offer complete reliability & security in terms of back-up.

Smart Illusion offer full range of 3D services. The team comprises a mix of creative and technical people skilled in Maya, Zbrush & 3D Studio Max and external render tools : Mental Ray and V-Ray. The range of services are varied across a wide spectrum of application within different industry sector which includes broadcast, TV commercial, Game, animation for both short and long format.

See What people say about us

"In my opinion, the animation skills at Click House are of high standards! The Click House Animation Team holds a creative level that most studios could benefit from when entering into a professional work relation.

I would not hesitate to recommend Click House to other studios searching for out sourcing partners. In other words: Great animation! I thank you for the creative and competent execution of the test, and I wish all the best for you and Click House, and hopefully other projects in the future will provide an opportunity to work together.

Thanks a lot, Nasir, and give my best to the staff at Click House!"

Peter Hausner  ,Director Wil Film Aps, Denmark

"The Director says it all. All I want to ad is thanks for staying patient throughout the test period. Doing tests is always something you do in-between paid jobs hence tending to drag out forever. We, however, got this one in the box fairly fast considering all things. Bottom line is I agree with the Director - your animation looks good. And the process has been efficient and constructive. I definitely feel comfortable recommending Click House to other Western partners.

As an animation hub Click House stands strong and could fit in just fine. I’ll make sure to recommend Click House in my upcoming facilitation talks. Both when it comes to individual Western partners looking for outsourcing, as well as Far East Asian vendors looking for additional animation capacity.

I sincerely hope we will get a chance to work together sometime soon."

Irene Sparre Hjorthoj  ,Producer-Wil Film ApS

“I have known and worked very closely with John and his partner studio since the early 90’s and I can attest of John’s great sense of professionalism and acute creative instinct in the animation business. John has personally advised our CEO, Don Oriolo and myself in different aspects of a Felix the Cat TV series handling the work with great skill enhancing the quality of the series a great deal. Furthermore, we appreciate John’s enthusiastic and passionate response every time we came to him for advice and assistance.”

Walter Calmette, Bus. Affairs

I have known and have worked all over the world with John since the 1980s. He has helped me out of of many jams with his tenacious, timely, and professional work ethics. I would recommend John and his partner company, Smart Illusion Inc., on any animation project, big or small.

Don Oriolo Felix the cat productions llc

This letter is to testify that I have known John Petrovitz and his animation company, NIC Entertainment for over 26 years.
I have worked with Mr. Petrovitz and his company on various animation shows.  His organization and production skills are top of the line.  All work done with Mr. Petrovitz and NIC was completed on time and on budget.  And in the end I was quite pleased with the results.
I highly recommend John Petrovitz and his partner company- SmartIllusion Inc., to anyone who would like a positive experience in 2D or 3D animation production.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

James Keeshen

Our company, the CaToKo GmbH, standing for Catoons and Toys for Kids, holds the intellectual property of the planned annimated TV-series Donky.
We made contact to John Petrovitz and his company NIC Entertainment. Twice I visited him personally  in Los Angeles, where how showed me his locations and introduced me to his partners.
We decided, that John Petrovitz will be our first choice as a director for our TV-Series. He has profound experiences in the animtion business, a network of international partners and studio – Smart Illusion Inc., vast knowledge in the merchandising industry and great artistic skills. 

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Christof Sieverts

Dr. Christof Sieverts

My good friend, John Petrovitz, has asked me for my opinion in a reference letter. I have known and worked with John Petrovitz for many years. Over ten years. And I know him well. I met him through Mr. Stan Lee of Marvel fame who respected John’s talents and ability greatly. John is one of the best in his profession in both quality and talent and his ability to complete a job. His association with Stan Lee Media, where I ,as Company Director, met John, is more proof of his artistic talents.  

Nelson S. Thall